Basically the three main areas to be considered when budgeting for a funeral:

• Professional Fees

• Coffin Selection

• Outgoing Costs

Professional Fees

These include the administration of the funeral, some funeral directors professional fees may include within these fees, transfer of deceased, mortuary care, mourning cars, etc., or these fees may be itemised separately in the estimate of funeral charges that will be provided to the family.

Selection of Coffin

There are many different types of coffins and caskets available in Australia. These range in price for example, anywhere from around $600 to over $40,000 for imported caskets.

Outgoing Costs

The more common outgoing costs associated with a funeral, apart from the Funeral Directors Professional Service fee are

  • Coffin / Casket Costs
  • Death certificate
  • Purchase of a grave or crypt (If not already owned / pre-purchased),
  • Cemetery Fees such as Interment
  • Cremation fees
  • Church Fees
  • Donations

catering for funeral sympathy teas
Sympathy Tea Table

Optional Outgoing Costs

  • Hall Hire
  • Catering
  • extra wreaths and flowers
  • photo frames and photos
  • White Doves
  • limousines and extra mourner vehicles.
  • death and funeral notices
  • music
  • video/audio recordings
  • monuments
  • keepsakes
  • urns, etc.

Outgoing Costs can fluctuate considerably depending on what is involved.


"At Guiding Light Funerals, we always offer an affordable and dignified funeral. But as we have stressed previously and continue to do so, the choice is always yours as to the final costs of a funeral."



At Guiding Light Funerals we come to understand that in these times, financial hardship is felt by a majority of people in our community and when a death occurs in the family, the added burden of further financial hardship could not come at such a time.

As such, we offer affordable and dignified funeral packages to assist you and your family to farewell your loved one with the love – dignity and respect, they deserved, without costing the world.

Under NSW Law, all funeral directors are required to provide a written estimate of funeral charges.
For information please follow this link
NSW Department of Fair Training