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Disclaimer:  It is a requirement that funeral information is in accordance with the Funeral Goods and Services Information Standard, contained in the NSW Fair Trading Regulation 2019.

Prescribed Funeral Goods and Services Available (Terms & Conditions Apply / Disclosures – All Prices Are Current as of 1st February 2020 and exclude Goods and Services Tax)

Under NSW Law, all funeral directors are required to provide a written estimate of funeral charges. For information please follow this link:
NSW Department of Fair Training

All funeral companies must by law provide pricing for the most economical Cremation and Burial Services that can be provided.
Below are three packages.

Cremation Packages:

Our most economical and least expensive Cremation Package which we can offer. (Terms & Conditions Apply – 30 kilometre radius from Funeral Home. Prices Include GST).

This is only for a No Service / No Attendance Cremation.

After Hours Transfers may incur extra charges of $100.00

Payright Circle

Interest Free Payment Plans Available Through Our Finance Partner Payright  up to $10,000.00 Funeral Prices / Costs Sydney

Option 1.  Cremation – No Funeral Service – No Attendance

  • $  485.00 – Transfer From NSW Coroners to Mortuary
  • $  N/A – Attending Practioners / Medical Referee
  • $  375.00 – Mortuary Care & Preparation
  • $  295.00 – Bio-Board Coffin
  • $   60.00 –  Registered Death Certificate (Optional)
  • $  750.00 – Crematorium Fees
  • $ 1,550.00 – Professional Fees

Total:                                $3,515.00

Option 2 Cremation – No Funeral Service – No Attendance

  • $  485.00 – Transfer From NSW Hospital / Nursing Home
  • $   160.00  – Attending Practitioners / Medical Referee
  • $  375.00 – Mortuary Care & Preparation
  • $  295.00 – Bio-Board Coffin
  • $   60.00 –  Registered Death Certificate (Optional)
  • $  750.00 – Crematorium Fees
  • $  1,550.00 – Professional Fees

Total:                                $3,675.00

Burial Package:

Our most economical and least expensive burial package which we can offer is known as a Direct Burial, family and mourners in attendance. (Terms & conditions apply – 30 kilometer radius from Funeral Home. Prices Include GST).  This is a Graveside Burial Service and between Monday and Friday business hours only.  Saturday service incurs a surcharge of 5.75%, plus additional cemetery charges.  Oversize Coffin (Contract Type) an additional $330.00 will be charged

After Hours Transfers may incur extra charges of $250.00 – Please review our “Terms & Conditions” at the bottom of this page. Other optional disbursements/services and pricing is shown below.

This Direct Burial Service Attending is designed to offer any family an affordable and dignified funeral service for their beloved and at an affordable price.  We understand that a family may already be facing financial hardship and as such we will try and endeavor to offer some form of solution if this may be the case. Should we be unable to offer a solution, our only other option is to offer the family a no service no attendance cremation as outline in Options 1 and 2 above.

This package does not include cemetery fees.
(All cemeteries have different charges which vary from Grave Purchase to First Interment / 2 Interment Fees, also any slab removal and replacement on a monumental grave/crypt, etc. We will be able to provide you with these disbursements at need, once we become aware of the cemetery in question).

  • $    485.00 – Transfer (Monday – Friday Business Hours) From NSW Coroners Lidcombe / Hospital / Nursing Home / Home
  • $    375.00 – Mortuary Care & Preparation
  • $    550.00 – Contract Coffin Standard Size – Oversize Additional $330.00 Charge applied
  • $     280.00 – Coffin Sheaf
  • $     60.00 –  Registered Death Certificate (Optional)
  • $   775.00 – Hearse
  • $   450.00 – Clergy / Minster / Celebrant Fees
  • $ 1,950.00 – Professional Fees

Total:                                $4,925.00

“At Guiding Light Funerals, we always offer an affordable and dignified funeral. But as we have stressed previously and continue to do so, the choice is always yours as to the final costs of a funeral.”

Professional Fees: From $1,550.00 to $4,700.00


Transfer of deceased from place of death to mortuary;
(Terms and Conditions Apply)

From $485.00 Sydney Metro Area
From $585.00 Sydney Outer Metro Area
From $650.00 Central Coast to Sydney
From $650.00 South Coast to Sydney
From $1,450.00 Outer Country NSW Regions to Sydney
From $1,650.00 Melbourne Victoria to Sydney
From $1,600.00 Brisbane to Sydney
From $POA all other areas

Transport of Deceased from service to burial or crematorium: Not Applicable

Mortuary Care

Mortuary Fees: from $475.00

Care & Preparation of Deceased commonly known as Basic Preparation: from $375.00

Embalming of a Deceased commonly known as Temporary Preservation (Viewing): from $650.00

Full Embalming of a Deceased: (Crypt / Vaults / Repatriations) from $980

Viewing of a Deceased: $330.00 During Business Hours – 1 hour Duration our chapel

Storage of Deceased – Mortuary/holding Room:
$840.00 Flat Rate Up To 14 Days Storage

Note: All mortuary preparation of a deceased is strictly carried out by a licensed qualified embalmer and or Accredited and certified Student Embalmer in training under direct supervision of his or her mentor (Embalmer) only.

Prices shown are starting points and final price will be provided after Pre-Embalming analysis is carried out.

Disbursements at Need

Note: These are 3rd Party Charges.

Below are our reasonable estimates, which are subject to change. There may be also other disbursements that are not captured below. Some of the disbursements at need by a family are listed below.

Attending Practioner’s Cremation Certificate: $99.00
Medical Referee’s Cremation Permit: from: $260.00
(Other than still-born children)

Early Delivery – Cremation: from: $275.00

Coffins – Includes MDF / Solid Timber / Bio Board:
We offer a Range of Coffins from: $295.00 up to $15,000.00

Caskets – Includes MDF / Solid Timber / Metal:
We offer a Range of Caskets from: $2,300.00 up to $25,000.00

Shrouds: from $85.00

Crematorium Fees: from: $550.00

Chapel Fees (Crematorium) from: $330.00

Temporary Grave Marker from $180.00 for Burials – Standard / Orthodox / Baby)

Hearse Hire: Burials or Cremations from $775.00
– Standard 4 Hour Fee

Other Funeral Goods and Services Available:

Repatriation Services:

National / International
Charges are calculated based on individual circumstances

Metal Zinc Liners: from: $1,400.00

For Crypt / Vaults / Repatriations (Subject to Country Requirement)

Other Disbursements

There are numerous other disbursements at need which we have not listed due to various different charges by Cemeteries and crematoriums which do vary, for example on burials there are interment fees and government levies, there may be additional costs for slab removal and replacement.

Church Venues and other venues have funeral fees / clergy fees, we are unable to list any price and these prices will be listed in the funeral of estimate charges to a family, once we are aware of their requirements.

We live in a multi-cultural country with very different religious denominations and funeral requirements and services which a family will request and expect. Each funeral is different, pricing is different. We offer a family a dignified funeral within their financial means. Irrespective of a family religious belief and requirements, we will always offer them the cheapest form of funeral service available to them, for example, a no service no attendance cremation or a grave side burial.

Sympathy Tea Table
Sympathy Tea Table

Optional Disbursements:

After Hours Viewing:

$330.00 – Our Chapel – After Hours / Weekend – 1 hour Duration

$430.00 – Church / Other Venue – Business & After Hours / Weekend – 2 hours Duration

Registered Death Certificate: $60.00

Family Morning Car: from: $550.00 – Standard 4 Hour Fee

Stretch Limousine: from: $650.00 – Standard 4 Hour Fee

Candles: from $5.00

Newspaper: from $225.00

Memorial Book: from $45.00

Memorial Cards: from $110.00

Organist / Vocalist: from: $285.00

Single Flowers: from: $4.50

Photo Frame: from: $20.00


Terms & Conditions:

1. Prices for Burial / Cremation Services conducted are based within Sydney Metropolitan Area
2. Weekend Services (Saturday-Sunday) incur an additional 5.75% Surcharge
3. Public Holiday Services incur an additional 15.00% Surcharge
4. Transfers fees shown are based during business hours 8.00am – 5.00pm Monday-Friday
5. After Hour Transfers 7.00pm to 6.00am Monday to Friday incur 5.75% surcharge
6. After Hours Transfers Weekend (Saturday-Sunday) incur 10.75% Surcharge
7. Charges shown are subject to variation without notice, however, any changes will be updated on our website as matter of priority.
8. The final costs for a burial or cremation is dependent on the chosen options and services
requested by the family/next of kin/executor/person responsible for payment of the funeral
account. An itemised Estimate of Charges will be provided to the family at the time of arrangements, any alterations to the arrangements after the acceptance of the estimate of funeral charges may incur extra costs and fees payable on official tax invoice prior to the funeral.
9. Payment of our Tax Itemised Invoice is due in full prior to the scheduled funeral service. We
only accept Bank Cheque or Electronic Transfer of Funds. Cash settlement of Tax Invoice is
accepted and officially receipted up to the total cash value of $10,000.00 AUD. Any difference will need to be paid by Bank Cheque or Electronic Funds Transfer. We do not offer Credit Card/Debit Card Facilities.
10. Full terms and conditions are provided to the client on back page of the original Estimate of Funeral Charges provided to the client. A copy is kept by our office and on file.


• Our mortuary and chapel / facilities are located at 10 Jane Street Blacktown NSW 2148. This facility is owned and operated by M.F.E.S Pty Ltd
• Transportation of the deceased prior to burial or cremation will be in a suitable vehicle owned by our company. The deceased will be kept at 10 Jane Street Blacktown Mortuary/
Holding facility and will only be transported for the purposes of the funeral services as per the final agreement.
• We also engage State-wide Mortuary Services for Transfers from time in their vehicles which are suitable and refrigerated and designed for human remain transfers. Statewide Mortuary Transfers have full access to 10 Jane Street Blacktown.
• We also engage Funeral Transfer Services Australia from time to time for interstate transfers to Sydney in their purpose built transfer vehicles.
• We also engage Brentwood Limousines and other companies for hearse hire and limousine hire and family mourning cars (Sedans).
• We hold Public Liability Insurance to 20 Million and also Workers Compensation Policy.