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Cremation Services

People choose to be cremated for a number of reasons.

The cost of a cremation service is considerably lower than a burial. They may not desire to have a visiting place for family to come to mourn. They may like to have their ashes scattered at their favourite place. e.g. fishing spot, etc. or they may like to have a smaller footprint on earth.

Memorialising Options

Cremated remains can be memorialised in several ways:

A wall or garden niche at a cemetery.
Interred into an existing grave
Scattered in a favourite location.
Divided amongst family members
Scattered at sea
or simply kept at home

Cremation Urns

After the funeral, there are a number of ways in which you can create an everlasting memorial to your loved one. You could purchase an urn from Guiding Light Funerals to store your loved ones ashes. Talk to your Funeral Director about our range of urns.

Visit our Urns page to see our range of Cremation Urns.

Wall Niche

Cremated remains can be placed into an individual or a companion niche for two family members and are marked with a small bronze plaque.

Most larger cemeteries have walled memorial garden niches located in peaceful and beautiful settings. 

Some include a bronze flower vase.

Garden Niche

Families often prefer to create a permanent memorial by placing ashes in one of the gardens at the many cemeteries around Sydney. Establishing a cremation memorial in one of the gardens celebrates a life and leaves a lasting tribute for future generations.

Scattering of Ashes

Scattering is simply releasing ashes from a container. It is best to have one person at a time control the release from the container while others look on. People can take turns doing a partial scattering one at a time. A group may scatter ashes simultaneously in a toast-like gesture using smaller individual containers for each portion of ashes.

Ashes can be scattered in most places without permission from local councils, however it is best to check with them first.

Cremation Urns

Quality funeral cremations urns that are stylish and affordable can be difficult to find in Australia, which is why Guiding Light Funerals stocks a large range of beautiful cremation urns and memorial urns.

View our range of Cremation Urns,

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