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Prepaid Funerals

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Why Arrange a Prepaid Funeral?

Guiding Light Funerals - Sydney Funeral Directors

Welcome to the Guiding Light Funerals website. We are funeral directors who believe we provide extensive, clear and practical information about our services and options, as well as details of our after care support services and events.

Within ourselves it is honestly believed that our dedication and belief shown in truly understanding our families’ needs and to fulfilling the wishes of each individual family is what sets us apart from others. Offering you compassion and care in a difficult time,

Guiding Light Funerals dedicated team of experienced funeral directors in Sydney will help you plan every aspect of the funeral and help you face any difficult decisions which may arise.

We are proud of the strong relationships we build with individuals and families who are in need of professional funeral services and no matter your situation, we will help you to arrange a dignified farewell.

Our funeral directors are on call at all times - day or night - to assist you in your time of need. Guiding Light Funerals are able to tailor an affordable and dignified funeral service, burial or cremation, according to financial and/or religious funeral requirements. All religions, non denominational and Orthodox funerals are catered for.

At Guiding Light Funerals, the caring does not end with the payment of the account, we help you through the grieving period by carefully making sure your every last wish is taken care of.

What To Do Now

Arranging A Funeral

Greek Orthodox Funeral Director Sydney - Funerals SydneyWe are startled into reality when someone we know or love dies. Why do we never seem quite ready to lose a loved one or friend to death? We all know that death is inevitable, yet we live as if we’re never going to die.

Suddenly faced with our loss, and our own vulnerability, we still have to carry on.

At this time, the service of a caring and thoroughly professional funeral director is essential to ensure that the funeral arrangements are organised and carried out with dignity and sincerity.

Most of us know the trauma of losing a loved one and the complex issues that must be resolved, when death comes, especially if it is sudden and unexpected.

What To Do Immediately After A Death Occurs

  • In A Public Hospital - Most public Hospitals have mortuary facilities so the immediate situation is under control. Some have a “relative interviewing officer” who will request a meeting with the bereaved. If this is not the case, a funeral director should be contacted as soon as possible.
  • In A Private Hospital - Usually private hospitals do not provide mortuary facilities. So provisions of the funeral director’s name and telephone number to the hospital enables removal of a loved one from the hospital to a mortuary provided at the funeral home.
  • At A Nursing Home - A similar procedure to private hospitals except that the funeral director will be called by nursing staff and they will require instructions prior to registration into the nursing home. A GUIDING LIGHT FUNERALS funeral plan can arrange this on your behalf.......Read More

Looking For Something Different

Many families are choosing to move away from the traditional funeral and have something totally different or something very personalised for their loved one with funerals in Sydney.

There are so many options nowadays, from having a  funeral in a park to having a beach funeral standing in the sand to having that very special last ride on the side of a Harley Davidson Hearse.

We have put together a few options for your family, however if there is something not here and you would like to have it, then contact us and speak to one of our consultants about your or your loved ones wishes..

Multi Cultural Funerals

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Greek Orthodox Candle Lighting

At Guiding Light Funerals, we understand we live in a country with there are many religions and different cultures. Understanding the importance of religious values and different denominations especially during difficult times is of paramount importance to our Funeral Directors and as such, we will always go out of our way to ensure all needs are fulfilled.

Our funeral directors at Guiding Light Funerals have many years experience in conducting non-religious funeral services well as services for Anglican, Buddhist, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Hindu, Jewish and Muslim families. Below you will find information on our understanding of the funeral practices of these cultures and faiths.
You can rest assured that during our many years of dedicated service, our Funeral Directors, have dealt with virtually every creed imaginable from religious funerals Sydney to non-religious funerals Sydney.....Read More